Our dedicated and passionate team


With over 14 years of experience on international sales, Joy has worked for several multinational corporations within the luxury sector in the markets from Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Central & South America. This experience has helped Joy achieve a good understanding of each market, production management, marketing plan, distribution and logistics. Joy's goal is to foster the new wave of 'Made in Barcelona' design, providing the necessary tools, from sourcing and manufacturing, to business strategy, distribution channels, and ultimately, the internationalization of the brands.

Lorena oversees the digital production process to make sure your designs are executed properly; from pattern to production.  She thoroughly understands the production process, and coordinates with all clients through the manufacturing experience, in a timely, efficient and the most economical manner.



Pol is involved in all of the day-to-day operational aspects of the company.  He has experience working across several industries, and is very personable as he values the importance of good relationships.  Pol manages the delicate balance between the qualitative and quantitative intricacies of running the business.  His focus is split between the internal operations of Moda22 and assisting other brands especially with production and overall logistics.


Lorenzo has several decades of experience working within the fashion industry, with a particularly strong presence in Europe.  He manages the operations of the factory, oversees the sales campaigns, and coordinates the distribution to clients across the globe.  Lorenzo has a deep knowledge of the traditional aspects of the fashion industry, yet is open-minded and flexible in his approach, as he understands the needs of the modern brand.

After graduating from Pratt Institute with a degree in Industrial Design, Ryan worked as a designer for several years within the fashion industry in New York.  He has worked for large corporate brands, yet also became deeply involved in the Made in USA movement.  Ryan has consulted for companies all over the world, implementing the principles of design thinking, establishing lean manufacturing and supply chains, nurturing the value of a strong brand, and bringing a holistic view to business operations.