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More than just a Mediterranean tourist getaway, Barcelona has a long, rich history of manufacturing -- being a hub for textiles and fashion throughout Europe for several decades. In 2008, when the crisis struck Spain, the residents of Barcelona were faced with a collective decision: reinvent themselves and adapt to the times, or be lost to the pages of history.  Barcelona has since been one of the leaders in emerging from the crisis, stronger and better than before.  

Three Generations of the Roset Family

Three Generations of the Roset Family

One example of residents that needed to reinvent themselves is the Roset family.  They have had a family-run textile factory for over 40 years.  The crisis, in combination with several years of local businesses offshoring manufacturing, led the Roset’s to face a tough decision: reinvent themselves or close their factory.  The youngest generation of the Rosets chose to come together and reinvest in their local community, creating a hub for design entrepreneurship and local manufacturing.  They chose to create Moda22.


Moda22 is located in Poblenou, the historical textile manufacturing district in Barcelona, part of the @22 District -- focused on technology and innovation.  We are fully engrained in this community, surrounded by makers of all kinds.  Together, we are working together to create a better Barcelona, for this generation and the next.

Moda22 is one of many examples of what is happening in Barcelona.

A city that is building on its history, yet innovating for the future.